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    After watching the Black Eyed Peas perform on the Grammys, followed by their corny I Gotta Feeling commercial for Target, what I have suspected for years was once again affirmed. When did their sound change from hip-hop to hip-pop? I attribute it to none other than the one and only Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson.

    As a young girl I LOVED Kids Incorporated and was so envious of the entire cast including the artist formerly known as Stacy. The beginning of the end was when Will.I.Am, Apl.de.ap and Taboo hired “a blond bombshell named Stacy ‘Fergie’ Ferguson and gave up their pursuit of backpack-rapper cred, they have made a kind of spiritual practice of recording dumb songs — a total aesthetic commitment that extends from their garish wardrobes to their United Colors of Benetton worldview” said Rolling Stone. One thing is for sure: when the frontwoman of 90s girl group Wild Orchid was brought onboard, the Black Eyed Peas popularity skyrocketed and the cash rolled in.


    Come on Son! The 10 Worst Hip Hop Name/Personality Changes


    Mind you this list is extremely bias and more or less useless, but it does showcase some very popular artist in the hip hop community that changes they way we think, what we wear, and how other perceive this genre. With the title of #1 bearing the most changed artist in this genre and 10 being the least but just as morphed, this short list of recent and past rappers/entertainers highlights the ever evolving genre that is Hip Hop.

    1. Ice T


    Vh1_Ice_T_121 (Small)

    Ice T is no longer a NWA. Even with Coco at his side, Ice T has lost much of his pimptastic street cred. Why? Cause money is the root of all evil, and so is his role as Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola on Law & Order SVU.



    THE QUEUE is what’s next. Your mom!

    The Clipse Presents its Playcloths Line


    Clipse is one of the few performers that I got to see live in concert. And for people my age, we still remember “Grindin’.” That song woke us up in terms of what can be felt through the bass of an 808. Even though they haven’t had the best of commercial success, I still consider them some of the realest rappers out right now. With their clothing line, Playcloths, coming out soon, it is interesting to see how they’ll do in the fashion world. The rappers are not exactly the first place I’d look for my fashion sense, and their line might be reduced to the fate of most hip-hop clothing brands, to churn out played out T-shirts. But the logo has me intrigued. They decided to use a drawing of a young polished paperboy/equestrian to represent their streetwear brand. Who knows where it will go from there?

    The Cool Kids Know Fashion

    The Cool Kids

    “Aw you judging me dogg? /please you shop at the mall/
    Me I shop at boutiques/ limited quantity sneaks/
    Where do these quantities be/ maybe they all on my feet/
    But I don’t get it tho/ about a year ago/ you said my gear is wack/
    N**** now my gear is dope?/ I guess it goes full circle like a cheerio/
    Cause you rocking what I was rocking like a year ago”

    “And getting graphics in ya fade was fresh in the day/
    But it was jacked by the losers/ I’m bout to say screw it/ and
    Grow a jerry curl/ wear a diaper like cupid/ or something else stupid
    And/ see if people do it/ and if they do then that proves it
    People are just losers/ and they’ll do anything if someone cool do it/
    But they won’t do it first/ so I guess they not cool”

    A Little Bit Cooler – The Cool Kids

    I’m not really heavy in street wear. But when it comes to fashion the Cool Kids know their stuff. I dig their look. I would say that it’s not necessarily their clothes that carry the look for themselves. It’s their attitude. It’s like they’re subtly saying, “This is what I wear and I don’t care what anyone thinks.” In “A Little Bit Cooler,” the verses sum up their approach to fashion. Their clothes complement their unique sense of style and their personalities. They realize that doing something first is a major plus in fashion. And to try to copy someone else’s style is a huge insult to yourself.

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    Fast backward in time

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