• Why Taylor Swift Rocks

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    When people ask me what kind of music I listen to I usually respond with “everything but country” but I do honestly like Taylor Swift. Maybe I just want to like her because everyone else seems to have such an issue with her.

    One reason I like her is because she started trying to get her career off the ground when she was eleven. Some of the artists on the radio got there based more on their looks or family (Cough, Miley Cyrus, cough) than anything else. Also, a lot of eleven year olds would have given up after the first five record labels rejected them and went on with their awkward phases in private.

    Taylor Swift Breaking Grammys

    No, I didn’t watch the Grammies. When I heard that Taylor Swift won Best Album of the Year, I was going to write a long-winded post about power plays and how this campaign was set in motion by Kanye West, who basically gave T-Sweezy his limelight. Instead of doing that, I decided to show you my favorite part of the Grammies that everyone seems to be commenting on: Taylor Swift dropping one of her Grammy trophies and breaking it.

    Now we know that it’s not made of solid gold and there’s no chocolate inside of it.

    Come on Son! The 10 Worst Hip Hop Name/Personality Changes


    Mind you this list is extremely bias and more or less useless, but it does showcase some very popular artist in the hip hop community that changes they way we think, what we wear, and how other perceive this genre. With the title of #1 bearing the most changed artist in this genre and 10 being the least but just as morphed, this short list of recent and past rappers/entertainers highlights the ever evolving genre that is Hip Hop.

    1. Ice T


    Vh1_Ice_T_121 (Small)

    Ice T is no longer a NWA. Even with Coco at his side, Ice T has lost much of his pimptastic street cred. Why? Cause money is the root of all evil, and so is his role as Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola on Law & Order SVU.


    Aziz Ansari on Letterman

    We’re just really big RAAAAAAAANDY fans.

    We Do It All Week [Music Edition]


    [Photo by Carin Baer/FOX]

    Forever – Drake feat. Kanye West, Eminem & Lil’ Wayne

    Sometimes I sing this song while I’m running. Helps with the motivation.

    We Do It All Week

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    Fast backward in time

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