• The Restaurant from Kill Bill

    The Restaurant in Tokyo that Inspired that crazy scene from Kill Bill

    When I say the restaurant from Kill Bill, you know which scene I’m talking about. It’s not the sushi bar where Kiddo meets Hatori Hanzo for the first time. It’s the wide space bamboo-laden eatery where The Bride chops off all those limbs before going for Oren Ishii’s scalp. Of course, you’ll notice some differences between this restaurant and the one in the film. The restaurant is significantly smaller, there’s no glass floor, and a decorative pond that was filled with Crazy 88’s blood was absent in this photo. But besides those minor details, you can definitely see that this Tokyo establishment was the inspiration behind the movie.

    Best Possible Story Plots for Kill Bill Vol. 3


    Quentin Tarantino has just announced that there would be a Kill Bill Vol. 3 in the future and that he wants it to take place 10 years after the first two movies. This sort of claim could very well end up as an empty promise, but it’s enough to get Tarantino fanboys wet in the panties. If I remember correctly, Tarantino resolved all/most of everyone’s story arcs in the first two films by death or loss of limbs via Beatrix Kiddo. But anything is possible when the lives of the characters are forever tangled in revenge.

    In the spirit of the hype, we speculated on possible plot points for Volume 3.

    1. B.B. gets captured/kidnapped.


    This would probably be the most obvious plot to go with. We all know The Bride “overreacts” when she’s beaten at her wedding, shot in the head, shot with rock salt, raped in the hospital while she lay comatose, and/or buried alive. Throughout the whole movie, Kiddo let her blind rage control her actions on the road to killing Bill, completely oblivious to the fact that her daughter was still alive. If she’s willing to go as far as she did for simple revenge, I’m afraid to see what lengths she would go when someone close to her is taken.


    Fast backward in time

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