• Levi’s Curve ID Blogging Event

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    Last Tuesday, I attended the Levi’s Curve ID blogging event at Levi’s San Francisco. The Levi’s Curve ID jean is Levi’s answer to the modern woman’s problem of fitting into their jeans. I, being one of three guys at the event, was completely oblivious that women had this problem. You Nguyen, SVP of Women’s Merchandising & Design, presented an eye-opening demonstration of the Curve ID jeans. In short, most jeans makers don’t take into account that women with similar waist sizes might have different hip sizes. A woman with a 27 waist might have petite hips, while another woman with the same waist size can have larger hips. There’s usually only one jean size for these different sized women. You pointed out that women, for the most part, try to painfully fit into the jeans instead of picking jeans that fit them perfectly.


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