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    Last Tuesday, I attended the Levi’s Curve ID blogging event at Levi’s San Francisco. The Levi’s Curve ID jean is Levi’s answer to the modern woman’s problem of fitting into their jeans. I, being one of three guys at the event, was completely oblivious that women had this problem. You Nguyen, SVP of Women’s Merchandising & Design, presented an eye-opening demonstration of the Curve ID jeans. In short, most jeans makers don’t take into account that women with similar waist sizes might have different hip sizes. A woman with a 27 waist might have petite hips, while another woman with the same waist size can have larger hips. There’s usually only one jean size for these different sized women. You pointed out that women, for the most part, try to painfully fit into the jeans instead of picking jeans that fit them perfectly.


    Levi’s America (Go Forth) Commercial

    From the description: Levi’s America (Go Forth) commercial directed by Cary Fukunaga for Wieden+Kennedy, Portland.

    The lines are from Walt Whitman’s America, which I’m sure was a poem that my teacher made us read in high school. And now it’s culturally relevant for today’s jeans-wearer.

    Levi’s Archive at oki-ni

    If Raf Simons wasn’t enough for you, Oki-Ni hits us up again with their Levis Archive.  I consider this a true gem of history as Levi’s catalog spans over 100 years.  In the archive, you get to see the different directions that the denim brand took and how they created the timeless look we now wear today.

    It doesn’t officially drop tomorrow, but we have the preview here.

    Click for more pictures…


    Levi’s 501 Shrink-To-Fit / Goodbye Summer

    I’ve never paid more than $32 for a pair of jeans. I simply couldn’t afford it. Nevertheless, I’ve always managed to have jeans with a unique look and perfect fit. How? Before summer ends for you, like it is for me, I suggest you do this:

    shrink to fit

    Huntington Beach, CA.

    1. Buy Levi’s 501 Shrink-to-Fit jeans in your size.
    2. Wear them into a natural body of water.
    3. Keep them on until completely dry.

    This is the old-school way to wear and care for jeans, and to me, there is no other way. Washing jeans by machine shrinks them to unknowable levels, and detergent chemicals alter the nature of the fibers. If you want perfect jeans, put the effort into caring for them the right way. If you want destroyed jeans (like the ones you see in stores for more than $30), put the effort into destroying them with integrity.  

    Don’t try this at home

    Not because it’s dangerous, but because it probably doesn’t work. And you’ll look pretty dumb for finding a helium tank to see if it works. (I thought about trying it.)

    This is Levi’s viral ad campaign.


    Let’s fly people.

    Fast backward in time

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