• Alternate Lost Endings

    Hated that fucking Lost finale? Here are three other endings you can choose from.

    Thread: LOST is over, but we can still talk about it.


    If you loved it or hated it, let us know in the comments. I, for one, am gonna miss it despite all of its imperfections. I guess that makes me like Jacob.

    Lost Tarot Cards


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    The Lost Countdown – The Last Recruit


    The Last Recruit. No it is not some lame straight to DVD movie, it is the title of this weeks Lost. So who is the last recruit? And should you care? Yes, you should.

    On the Island, we, once again, have the characters coming together only to once again to split up. After some sneaking maneuvering, we have the entire main cast on a boat heading towards Widmore’s sub. It is here that we have the Jack Shepard we have all come to love. The reluctant hero. In a great scene, we have Jack and Sawyer face off. Jack thinks they should stay. He truly believes in the Island. Sawyer just doesn’t give a crap and wants to get the hell off the Island. The confrontation lead to Jack literally jumping ship from Sawyer’s plans.

    The Lost Countdown – Everybody Loves Hugo


    Welcome to the next edition of The Lost Countdown. We are on episode 12, which means the season is 2/3rds over. The finish line is fast approaching.

    Once again, this episode featured a fan favorite character being front and center. Hurley has always been the lovable one of the bunch on the show. The lovable jolly guy token character. He has always been background-esque character. Definitely more of a follower than a leader. This episode was his time to shine.

    The Lost Countdown: Ep 11 Happily Ever After


    I don’t know if anybody realizes this, but Lost is almost over. Episode 11 has just aired which means only six weeks left of Lost. This is not just the end of a show but the end of a cultural phenomenon. A staple of pop culture with millions of Sci Fi geeks watching is about to come to a close. We will have and have been getting answers to some of Lost biggest questions. As a fan of Lost since that pilot, I can tell you I am personally very satisfied with some of Lost’s final developments. As I feel that this is going to be one of those ends that is going to a big cultural milestone, I am going to be providing a weekly recap and thoughts on the final episodes of Lost, culminating with the last one. I’m sure no need to be saying this but SPOILERS will be contained in these posts.


    You’ve “Lost” Me



    Folks, it all seems so obvious now: we’ve been watching an extended, metaphorical riff of a Ronald Dahl adaptation; last night’s episode made it all so clear. The island is Willy Wonka’s factory, Hurley is Augustus Gloop, Sawyer is Veruca Salt, Locke is Mike TeeVee, Jack is Charlie Bucket, and Sayid is Violet Beauregard. Somewhere, in a Victorian mansion that is even more dimly lit than usual, the curtains are even more drawn, and the slow strains of a small, black-clad chamber music ensemble echo through the cavernous ballroom where Tim Burton sits in the pale glow of FTD.com on his computer screen as he drafts a somber note of congratulations to go with the black roses he is sending to J.J. Abrams. I’m just kidding, but are they?

    I gave up on “Lost” about two seasons ago, but here I am; suckered in with gritted teeth for the denouement of something that refuses to help itself. I’ve come back to find that not only are they still wasting a third of each episode with scenes that boil down to one character yelling “YES!” and the other character softly replying “No,” but now we have gods, demi-or otherwise, skulking around the island, and one of them comes with no less than three reverent disciple factions that have all shown up too late to be of any help to their devotional focus, to say nothing of the plot. If you’re going to keep adding characters why don’t you have a guest spot from “The Great Gazoo,” you know, some out of left field, all powerful presence that can make anything possible? All I’m saying is, if you’re going to take the teeth out of everything you’ve worked towards, why not have some fun with it?


    Fast backward in time

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