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    Just in case you missed any action from TSC… we give it to you in Spark Note form.

    - We started the week off proclaiming In-N-Out’s dominance over 5 Guys Burgers.


    - Mad Men got us all excited for Season 3

    - We got invited to the Erin Wasson X RVCA Party… because…we’re…cool…

    - 5 Gestures that Only Work in Film. Everyone punched their friend after this post.

    - Vanessa Hudgens Nude Joke Thread…No clothing necessary to give a joke.

    - TSC receives a SPECIAL DELIVERY

    Mad Men Coming Soon! So They Start Teasing Us With Pictures…

    Mad Men Season 3 is officially about to begin in 3 weeks, and this is the first time we get to anticipate it. We only started hearing about it last year when the show started getting all of its Emmy buzz. But now AMC, via the Mad Men blog, has decided to whet our appetites with gallery photographs of the cast. They’re not as stylized as the Weeds photos or the Dexter shots, but they definitely capture the Mad Men world with some consistency.

    There was a time when all we would post on this blog was anything about Mad Men. I guess some things never change.

    Check out the gallery photos here.

    [Photos by Frank Ockenfels 3]


    Obligatory Mad Men Excitement

    A picture of Don and Betty Draper on set in Pasadena.

    Get excited.

    [Seen at Jezebel]


    Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis by Between Two Ferns

    Christina Hendricks is a Sexretary!

    Christina Hendricks

    The absolute hottest character in Mad Men interviews with LATimes about her vintage habbits, being blonde before red, and crying in Hollywood.

    Read the interview here.

    Honestly, what would have this week been if we didn’t have one post about Mad Men?

    Mad Men x The Simpsons

    I know we just gave you the Mad Men Mania edition, but this was too good to pass up. Plus, what would this blog be if it didn’t have about 5 posts about Mad Men a week?

    [Source: Prostituted Thoughts]

    THE QUEUE | Mad Men Mania edition

    Valet gives a few tips on how to dress like Don Draper. It’s almost as good as a Guide to Picking Up Women. | [Valet]

    I found a clip of Jon Hamm’s John Ham. I noticed that you don’t need sound at all to figure out what the skit is all about. [ABOVE] | [Hulu]

    There’s more to Peggy Olson than meets the eye. | [NYMag]

    The Moment offers hair products to achieve the perfect Don Draper coif. | [The Moment]

    While this is Mad Men unrelated, Murray’s pomade is probably the best product Don Draper could use. The orange tin can is time-tested and celebrity-endorsed. | [Murray’s Website]

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