• Undrcrwn x Mos Def “Cut & Sew” Collection


    Polished and mature, the new collection effortlessly blends collegiate athleticism and style. The “RBG ,” “RBG Patchwork” and “Brooknam” jackets are each peppered with plenty of clever details. Colorful hand crafted prints (mixed with hand drawings by Mos Def) are set against sleek monochrome materials; Pops of zesty yellow and blood red are used to accent buttons, zippers and mesh linings. The mixture of bold prints set against streamlined design creates a contemporary fashion sensibility throughout the entire collection.

    Check it here: http://www.shopundrcrwn.com/


    Case of the Mondays @ Otis Lounge. Guest Starring Talib + Mos Def.

    Monday nights usually consist of re-heated meals, re-runs of SportsCenter, and the re-peated, burning desire for a DeLorean to warp backward/forward to the weekend. So when we got the heads up from our boys at The Brooklyn Circus that they were hosting an affair at Otis Lounge, our fun-o-meters spiked. When we learned that Talib Kweli would be on hand for the night, said fun-o-meters exploded.

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    Fast backward in time

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