• Where have all the synths gone?


    The sophomore album by MGMT is synthless. And this alone will drive away most fans of “Electric Feel,” “Time to Pretend,” and “Kids” from their debut album, 2007’s Oracular Spectacular. But there’s one more thing, there aren’t any pop hit singles coming out of 2010’s Congratulations! Exit dancing hipsters on E.

    Not only is the commercial viability of this album weakened substantially by the absence of the “single” but the album was leaked more than a full three weeks in advance of the album release. How did MGMT respond? Well, they streamed the whole album on their website for people to listen to. And the band included this statement along the header of the streaming music page, “Hey everybody, the album leaked, and we wanted you to be able to hear it from us. We wanted to offer it as a free download but that didn’t make sense to anyone but us.”

    “Yellow Submarine” for the new millenium

    Miracles- they’re everywhere. Easy to forget that in a world where Buzz Aldrin is passed over for a talentless shrew with eight kids, and everywhere you look and listen you have to find out some new detail about some nasty random tail some married jackass of dubious note laid into. Thankfully Insane Clown Posse is here to put everything into perspective and remind us that everything around us is a goddamn miracle. Like magnets, how does that shit work? Polarity? Fuck you, what’s that? “Well” nothin’ fool. Well maybe you should stop trying to explain shit when you can just stand back and appreciate it. Don’t ruin the miracle you dick.

    New Amerykah: Badu In The Buff

    Erykah Badu’s latest release New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh has been playing in my ears nonstop. She has been making the rounds on television shows promoting the new album and performing her new single Window Seat. A controversial video for the song was released the same week New Amerykah Part Two hit the stores. In the video, Badu is seen walking towards the grassy knoll of Dealey Plaza, in her hometown of Dallas, stripping away articles of clothing until she is in the buff and ends with her collapsing to the sidewalk as if she has been shot. Rolling Stone writes “In the video, Badu is making a statement against ‘group think,’ saying in a voiceover in the closing seconds, ‘They play it safe, and are quick to assassinate what they don’t understand.’” A mother of two filed an indecency complaint with the city of Dallas and claims her and her children were offended by Badu’s actions during the guerilla video shoot. The city of Dallas is issuing Badu a disorderly conduct citation. The citation is similar to a traffic ticket and will result in a $500 fine.

    Coming Attraction: Björk and Michel Gondry

    IMAX 3D. Two words you cannot escape these days. Recent releases Avatar and Alice in Wonderland immediately come to mind. Now we can add a collaboration between Björk and Michel Gondry to the list. The creative magic team are joining forces once again on an IMAX 3D project. “We have a very ambitious project, a sort of scientific musical,” Gondry said. “It’s a movie, but maybe more for museums. Like a 40 minute IMAX project in 3D.” Changing the venue from a ginormous movie theater to a museum sounds appropriate for what may indeed turn out to be a work of art. (When I hear Björk and the word museum mentioned together in a sentence, I can’t help but think of her husband artist Matthew Barney.)

    Legendary Hip-Hop Producer Nujabes Dies, Death is Announced a Month Later


    The legendary Japanese Hip-Hop producer, Nujabes, whose real name is Jun Seba, has been confirmed dead from a car accident. His death has been confirmed through his record label, Hydeout Productions and his friend/collaborator, Shing 02. The accident occurred on February 26th, on the same day Japan experienced a 7.0 earthquake almost one month ago. His family held a private burial in Shimeyaka. It is still unknown why news of his death had been kept quiet for so long.

    Mayer Hawthorne – I Wish It Would Rain

    Fuck yeah! Mayer Hawthorne turns my favorite song off his album into a video.

    [Props to Pros Thoughts]

    OK Go Does It Again

    What do you get when you mix a gaggle engineers, a warehouse in LA and OK Go? A three minute fifty three second Rube Goldberg from hell that is the band’s new video for their single “This Too Shall Pass” off their new album Of the Blue Color of Sky. As one can clearly see the new video smashes the bands former claim to fame treadmill video. No really, they actually smash it with a sledgehammer. The band hired Los Angeles based arts and technology collective Syn Labs to construct a machine that they could “dance with” for the new video, and boy does it dance. The giant mouse trap like contraption was constructed in a month and a half by upwards of sixty people working round the clock. The video, done in one continuous shot on a Steadicam, has some pretty spectacular moments, and even plays on a few themes that the discerning viewer might notice. My favorites include the Lego car that goes zooming across a mini road scene and into a road block, only to show up later as a full sized vehicle that down a ramp setting a giant arm in motion.

    Fast backward in time

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