• My Impromptu Summer Movie Rankings


    I caught Inglourious Basterds last night, which was an elusive task to say the least. Since it was released over a month ago, no one had money; everyone watched it; no one felt like watching a violent movie; some were tired. It was all a giant failboat until last night we ended up catching it spontaneously.

    Now my 2009 summer movie-going experience is complete.

    Star Trek at the Sony Metreon

    Not too recently, Mary asked me if we ever try to make things look cooler than they actually are.  Granted, we do have to jazz up some stuff that is pretty bland IRL, but to be honest, a lot of the stuff we see is actually pretty cool.  For example, Mary’s the girl in the middle covered in sweats on a Monday night at the San Francisco Sony Metreon to watch Star Trek.  I wish I could make that up, but that’s what she wore and it was seriously cool in a “I can’t believe she did that” kind of way.

    Anyways, we saw Star Trek, my 2nd time, everyone else’s 1st at the IMAX.  You’ve heard me rave about it but I’ll let you guys judge for yourself.  I took some pictures while we were waiting.


    Quotation Rotation | Spock in “Star Trek”

    “Live long, and Prosper!”

    I know I already posted something Star Trek related, but I’m watching it again tonight at IMAX. I’m super-excited the 2nd time around.


    Live Long and Prosper!

    I saw Star Trek last night. It’s an amazing film and I thought this was appropriate.

    Have a great weekend ya’ll!

    Set lasers to “Fabulous.”

    As the hype builds for the release of JJ Abrams’ reboot of the Star Trek franchise, BBC/Ice Cream has decided to release the “Globe” gloves, which pull doubly duty by protecting your digits from freezer burn (when you pull out the Banquet microwave dinners during The Next Generation marathons) and also allowing you to recognize other Vulcans when you’re out in the cold doing some holiday shopping. Okay, so there’s no official connection between BBC and the new Trek movie, but I find the timing of the release to be a little too coincidental.

    I have to admit, these gloves are retarded – but they’re retarded in the best way possible. The implications of an item of clothing that is so massively esoteric is beyond comprehension. It lets everyone around you know that you listen to N.E.R.D., that you are a nerd that watches Star Trek, and you’re a geek that buys grossly impractical gloves from streetwear brands. Suffice it to say, I really, really want a pair of these.

    Bonus: It also helps strengthen your hands to keep your lady friends happy.

    Pic via hypebeast.com

    Fast backward in time

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