• How do we feel about Tyrese tweeting us?



    We are actually ecstatic about it. Let me be the first to say that TSC is comprised of some very talented writers. They’re passion knows no bounds, and it is astounding how far they have taken this blog. Aside from writing quality posts, they end up dropping quotes on newspaper articles, continue the conversation in the comments, and they take the time to interview high profile movers and shakers in their respective fields. Speaking of interviews, what you see above is a screen grab of Tyrese Gibson retweeting Petite’s latest interview with Reggie Berry and Jackiem Wright. A big salute to Petite on that one.

    TYRESE_TWITTERIt took me a minute to fathom the fact that some of our hits were coming in from Tyrese’s twitter account. For the sake of brevity, we’re talking about Tyrese: Baby Boy Tyrese, Waist Deep Tyrese, 2 Fast 2 Furious Tyrese, Transformers Tyrese, and finally, “Sweet Lady” Tyrese. I think he just upped this blog’s awesome factor to an exponent of 3. While we’re on the subject of awesome, if anyone’s been to Tyrese’s twitter account, his icon is literally FTW, which I have conveniently placed to the left of this paragraph. It’s him getting all types of intimate with a tenderoni. If you’re in between the sheets with Tyrese, you are automatically a tenderoni. No questions asked. You’re not even allowed to protest the label.

    I’m gonna start listening to “What’chu Like” now.

    Celebrities at New York Fashion Week Pt. 2

    Michelle Trachtenberg Jessica Stam

    Jessica Stam and Michelle Trachtenberg

    No words.  Just picture of people more famous than us having the time of their lives.  But I do like a good Harriet The Spy picture from time to time.  Michelle Trachtenburg was my first celebrity crush.


    Tyrese “You Just a Baby Boy”


    Fast backward in time

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